What’s the best about it all? That you can go on the attractions with older friends or your parents. It’s only up to you, who you convince not to be shy: climbing through all those bobíků, blocks and other obstacles; if they dare traverse the swinging bridge, or if they slide down the fire slide with you. Aside from the places dedicated to crawling and twisting, here they can straighten out nicely.

We warn customers that entry to the attractions is possible ONLY in socks due to hygiene reasons! Access is not permitted in shoes or barefoot.

Bobsled track

Weather permitting, you can bobsled outside from November to March, but here, you can ride year round! You don’t believe it? Then you have to try our roller track, where it zips so fast, you hair flies in the wind.


Who jumps higher? You can compete this way on our trampolines. There are two side-by-side, so you can hold competitions to see who reaches (jumps) the highest.


Do you want to experience a real drop on a yellow turbo slide? Or would you rather slide down and race in the tracks on the long blue slide? Get ready! 3-2-1 – and you can scoot off!

Car track

Every little boy wants to be a racer. We let you. Our branded cars really go with the pedal to the metal. And those that don’t want to race can choose a recreational drive that even small lady drivers can handle. Why wait? Would you like a red, blue, green or yellow car? All of them are parked at our place and are waiting for you.

Toboggan run

Up until now you have only seen these slides in a pool, but here, you can shoot down the green tube at adrenaline-racing speed. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen; if you can stand it, get going down our toboggan run! And you don’t have to be afraid... you won’t land in a pool of water, but in a soft mattress that will comfortably slow your run.

Boxing bag

If someone was to have any strength remaining after running through all the attractions and wasn’t feeling sweaty enough, they could play the role of some world athlete – the boxing world champion. You can try punching a full blow or just give a few training punches to get the soft boxing bag swinging.

Spinning cylinder

Watch out! Get on, grab on tightly with both hands and let’s get it started. The upright spinning cylinder can cater to one or even three people at once. And we have seen it get up to speeds that would make longhaired ladies’ locks blow in the air! In short, let the wild ride begin…

Adventure bridge

Do you have problems with your balance? If so, you will really enjoy this attraction. See if you can hop across to the other side of the bridge without holding on. Or do you want to play a game? So, now try it without stepping on the red bars! Don’t be afraid of falling – it’s soft at worst.

Attractions for the smallest

All small children run toward the zone of attractions aimed at older kids anyway. But that doesn’t mean that the little ones will not adequately enjoy themselves here. We have even prepared a slide for them – right into a sea of balls, and a safe small trampoline that can really bounce. Or would you like to build your own tower of blocks? A beautifully colourful corner is waiting for you and only you. And I bet that you don’t have Lego blocks this big at home. They’re so big that your grandma who babysits you in the mornings will see them even without her glasses!

Salt cave

Facts about our cave:

Salt volume: 7.2 tonnes, area 22 m2

Types of salt:

  • Salt cave walls: 
    Klodawa salt mines, Himalayas (Khewra mine – Salt Range foothills in Pakistan); this salt is 250 million years old and has a purity of 98% NaCl)
  • Salt backfill: 
    Klodawa salt mines (50%), Dead Sea (40%), Black Sea (10%); Weight of salt backfill – 2 tonnes

Recommendations while visiting the salt cave:

  • No shoes permitted; Crocs are permitted
  • It is best to enter with shoe covers, white socks or barefoot
  • Breathable clothing
  • It is not enough to come once – that only gets the treatment process started; it is recommended to make at least 10 visits, every other day at best, or at least a visit frequency of 2x per week
  • A pass is ideal → it will affect the health
  • After exhausting the pass, a “maintenance mode” is recommended; an intensive treatment is recommended after approximately 3 months (a pass again)
  • Our salt cave’s capacity is approx. 6 adults… but there is no problem here with even 20 children
  • Feel free to undress and do not wash for the day – a protective film is created on the skin in the salt cave
  • Entry is possible every hour and the treatment lasts 45 minutes
  • It is possible to reserve a time for entering the cave

How and what of the salt cave:

  • 45 minutes is like being at the sea for 2 days
  • Temperature is approx. 21°C
  • Humidity is around 50%
  • Possibility of using a light blanket
  • A cold can develop after a visit → but that’s actually the treatment process starting
  • People with hyperactive thyroid glands should not visit the cave!