We want to become a renowned restaurant in the region! That is why we place the highest demands on the quality of food and its preparation.

Our chefs enjoy a good pace and they are happy when they can poke or cut something, throw something in a pan or into a pot. They are satisfied when the diner is satisfied. We especially offer Italian cuisine, so you can enjoy pasta as well as homemade pizza. We offer ten kinds of pizza – the tenth is named Fantazie and lives up to its name. You can order a pizza exactly to your taste and the chefs will willingly and gladly prepare it. They are not frightened away by any kind of meal you suggest. We have our own confectionery and so we prepare all kinds of desserts, pastries and other treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. An absolute standard is that we also think about children, and we offer a special range of meals especially for them.

Although the restaurant belongs to us, its operation is not limited to only the children’s centre. You can also come anytime during the day to just chat with friends or have a cup of coffee while quietly writing up your project on your laptop, which you can not only plug into an available electrical outlet, but also connect to our wireless Internet.

The children’s centre is open from 10 am to 7 pm, just like the restaurant, but we plan to extend the restaurant’s hours of operation to 10 pm. We are also exploring the possibility of delivering ordered meals right to your door.