Events for Kindergartens and Schools


The basic programme is admission to our Fantazie centre, where children can freely frolic how they want and according to their fantasy! Therefore, their admission covers entry to the centre as well as transportation both ways.

The extended option is visiting the salt cave. It is the more advantageous admission for these kinds of youth groups. The children spend an awesome 50 minutes in the salt cave, where they undergo the same treatment as if there were to spend two days by the sea. Himalayan salt will serve as a sandbox, where they can pour salt from bucket to bucket, build a salt cake with shovels or slide down a small slide directly into the salt. Nice music will be playing in the background, a waterfall will be splashing and lighting sources will lighten and make a visit to our cave more enjoyable.

An absolute standard is preparing a programme tailored specifically to your group. Do not hesitate to contact us, or just come by and you can arrange the whole event here as well as take a tour of the premises.


Pricing for kindergarten and elementary school

                    Entry to the children's center:                      50,-

                     Entrance to salt cave:                                       50,-

                     Admission for an adult escort:                     Free