Operating Regulations

Operating Regulations for the Fantazie Children’s Centre

  1. The operator of the centre is the company AUTO MAKAR s.r.o., Reg. No. 26390931, with its registered seat at Sokolov – Vítkov, Stará Ovčárna 2146, Postcode 356 01, registered in the Commercial Register at the Regional Court in Plzeň, Section C, Entry 17290 (hereinafter the “Operator”).
  2. Persons under the age of 18 (hereinafter “children”) can only enter the centre when accompanied by a person 18 years or older, who is fully sui juris (hereinafter the “guardian”). Staying at the centre is at one’s own risk and the guardian is responsible for the children.
  3. All of the centre’s facilities including the attractions (hereinafter “facilities”) are subject to regular checks and inspections. The facilities are certified according to relevant Czech and European norms (ČSN-SEN-1176, 1-7 and ČSN-SEN-1177), comply with safety requirements and are regularly checked for this reason. Safety of individual facilities is guaranteed by the manufacturer and supplier of the attractions.
  4. The guardian is responsible for any injury caused by inappropriately operating or handling of the facility/ies or not respecting the instructions of the Operator’s staff. The Operator’s responsibility in this case is omitted.
  5. Entry into the centre’s premises is charged according to the Operator’s pricelist.
  6. Every visitor is required to adhere to the centre’s operating hours and the instructions of the staff with respect to the closing of the centre.
  7. The Operator does not assume any responsibility associated with the supervision of children. It is the guardian’s responsibility to care and supervise children. Persons acting as guardians are required to seriously and thoroughly carry out their responsibility as supervisors. The presence of the Operator’s staff does not in any way dismiss the guardian’s responsibility and does not establish the Operator’s responsibility. The guardian is fully responsible for any injuries to children caused by their behaviour conflicting with these operating regulations.
  8. Entry into the centre and to all facilities located here, for operational and hygienic reasons, is only permitted in socks. The Operator recommends to wear clothing with long sleeves and pant legs. It is forbidden to use inappropriate clothing and accessories; it is especially forbidden to wear wraps, scarves, buckles, jewellery including necklaces and earrings, sharp objects, etc.
  9. The centre’s facilities may only be used in accordance with their purpose. The facilities in the centre are used at one’s own risk.
  10. It is forbidden to climb the outer structure of facilities, net equipment and slides upward. Trampolines can only be used by one person for a limited time.
  11. Detailed instruction for the use of individual facilities are located at the entrance to each facility (attraction) and the visitor is obliged to adhere to these instructions. It is the guardian’s responsibility to introduce the instructions to the child and explain them.
  12. Every visitor is required to be considerate of other visitors, the facilities and other property of the Operator, maintain order and keep a clean environment so that they do not endanger themselves or others, nor pollute the site of the centre.
  13. It is strictly forbidden to smoke, consume narcotic substances throughout the centre, and to enter with or consume one’s own food (including chewing gum) and beverages except for baby food or food with special dietary requirements. Furthermore, it is forbidden to enter with or use any kind of object within the centre that could in anyway endanger visitors. These objects specifically include personal toys, glass or porcelain packaging, or any type of hard, loose or sharp object.
  14. The operation of the centre is not linked with storing property and no part of the centre is designed for storing property under Section 2945 of the Civil Code. Therefore, the Operator is not responsible for any damage, loss or destruction of an owner’s things or the person who stored it. The Operator’s responsibility for damages is therefore clearly omitted in this case.
  15. Emergency exits, escape routes and fire extinguishing equipment must be constantly accessible for safety reasons. It is forbidden to place any kind of obstacles, especially placing strollers, shoes or other things in front of emergency exits, escape routes and fire extinguishing equipment, which could prevent or hinder their use.
  16. Visitors are required to always adhere to these operating regulations and instructions from the Operator’s staff. Visitors acting contrary to the operating regulations or not adhering to staff instructions, i.e. acting contrary to the general principles of decorum, can be in special cases temporarily or even permanently expelled from the centre. Staff reserve the right to expel a visitor. An expelled visitor is not entitled to receive a refund of the admission fee. In the case of violation of these operating regulations, the Operator is not in any way responsible for any kind of damage (property or non-pecuniary damage), created as a result of such violation.
  17. By paying the admission fee to the centre, visitors confirm that they are familiar with these operating regulations and they agree to have their image captured and it being used by the operator for the purpose of monitoring the centre, ensuring the centre’s and visitor safety and for marketing purposes, even in such case that a person’s likeness will be captured in the sense of Section 84 of the Civil Code.