Monday to Sunday; 10 a.m to 7 p.m.

Our Fantazie Centre has been made brand new to the highest standards and the latest technology, meeting all European standards for such facilities. On an area of 1,000 m2, you will find a lot of fun, relaxation for the whole family, as well as excellent cuisine in our restaurant.

We take pride in the fact that our Fantazie Centre is like a living organism that keeps breathing and growing. We ourselves will never be satisfied with what we currently offer and will always strive to improve, enhance and expand our services and offerings.

Parking is available right outside the entrance to our Fantazie Centre where there is sufficient space for vehicles. If this car park is full, there are additional spaces available in our fenced area. All within a minute’s walk to our centre.

Not only the outdoor areas, but especially the indoor area is very well protected. We certainly did not skimp on security. The security system is also equipped with smoke and fire detectors that are connected directly to the alarm receiving centre. The outdoor and indoor areas are monitored by twenty cameras that take care of your security.

Now, upon entry, Fantasia offers beautiful spaces that look very welcoming and cheerful. You first enter the area serving food and beverages, which we are very happy to offer to you. We not only offer high-quality beverages, but also our own kitchen which boasts amazing Italian cuisine. Our priority is a satisfied customer, which is why our chefs prepare everything freshly and safely. Almost any combination of dishes and ingredients can be arranged. Food and beverages can be enjoyed either in the soft seats or on the colourful and high-quality chairs. Free WiFi connection goes without saying.

Behind the food and beverages area is the critical part of our Fantasy Centre. This is the two-storey entertainment area of our complex. You will find the description of the most typical attractions under ‘Attractions’. Of course, the Fantazie Centre also has adequate sanitary facilities with modern features, such as a non-contact hand dryer or non-contact towel dispenser. There is also a hair dryer in each bathroom for your convenience.

Please note that for hygiene reasons you can ONLY enter the attractions in socks! It is not permitted to enter wearing shoes or ‘barefooted’.